Rajasthan Starts 2018 Elections with Music

Rajasthan has come up with an innovative idea in these elections to trigger off the public into voting. There shall be a “Sargam Saptah” for a week from 25 November 2018 to 1 December 2018 which shall be held in Rajasthan to encourage people of different groups to participate in the voting and cast their vote. In this week, each note of the seven notes of Indian classical music (Sa, Re, Ga, Ma, Pa, Dha, Ni) will be indicative of a specific group.

To increase the percentage of voters in this year’s elections, it is being thought that every group must be motivated to know their rights to vote and play their part in elections. The groups that are focused on consist of rural and urban voters, youth, women, persons with disabilities, government employees etc.


In this ‘Sargam Saptah’, each day of the seven days shall represent one musical note highlighting the importance of one specific target group of that day in elections.

The first note of the Indian classical music ‘Sa’ will indicate Urban Voters (Shehri Matdata), the second note ‘Re’ will represent all government employees and other voters engaged in service jobs (Rajya Karmi), the third note ‘Ga’ will show the role of rural voters (Gramin Matdata), the next note will highlight the importance of female voters in elections (Mahila), the fifth note ‘Pa’ will stand for all the male voters (Purush), the sixth note ‘Dha’ will symbolize the participation of persons with disabilities category (Divyang) and the last note ‘Ni’ will signify the youth and the new voters of the state (Navyuvak).

This new idea has brought a new face to the upcoming elections. The public seems to be ready to cast their vote. “ I am very excited to vote and have a true feeling of being the citizen of India”, says a boy who has just turned 18 and will be casting his vote for the first time. We from Rajasthan Vibes request all ‘Rajasthanis’ to show the country that we are the real citizens and fulfil our fundamental duty.

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